Jeffrey Benjamin Lawyer

It’s easy to claim that you’ve been wronged. It’s a bit more difficult to prove in a court of law that someone deceived, cheated, lied or otherwise left you at a loss. It’s also foolish to take such a conflict to court without the guidance of a skilled lawyer. If you plan to pursue business and commercial litigation, an alleged instance of fraud or a breach of contract case, then bringing aboard attorney Jeffrey Benjamin is a wise legal decision. Mr. Benjamin, who has argued his cases before juries and judges in the past and won successful verdicts, knows what to look for in the law and how to seize upon shortcomings of his opposition in court. The latter isn’t always an easy task, as Mr. Benjamin frequently goes up against lawyers with endless resources. However, with the help of his partners and employees, Mr. Benjamin has won a number of high-stakes cases that delivered justice for his clients.

“We often go up against lawyers with endless resources, but have a competent and organized infrastructure to handle all litigation matters,” said Mr. Benjamin, whose motto is, “Don’t be a victim. Fight fraud, pursue your legal rights.”

One of those cases involved a real estate fraud and, as time would tell, Mr. Benjamin was eventually on the winning side of a landmark case. In this instance, lawyer Jeffrey Benjamin was able to expose the defendant as being involved with fraudulent inducement and concealment. The jury agreed and awarded $200,000 including punitive damages. Two weeks earlier, Mr. Benjamin achieved a successful verdict in a case involving two construction contractors.

As a skilled trial lawyer who has argued cases involving the New York Deceptive Practices Act, Mr. Benjamin should be the first person you call if you think that you’ve been a victim of shady business practices.

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