Hefty Fines Imposed By Feds Against Airlines Shows Significance Of Consumer Rights Cases

Consumer rights complaints against three major U.S. airlines have been settled by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) for a combined $850,000 in fines, according to news reports. The violations range from disability rules to overbooking and not letting confirmed passengers aboard flights. According to a July 24, 2017, article in The Sun-Sentinel newspaper of Florida, Frontier, American and Delta all operate terminals at three airports in Florida. New York-based attorney Jeffrey Benjamin says that the infractions were mostly avoidable, but the failure to work with passengers at the time makes these consumer rights settlements all the more important.

Frontier was fined for not asking volunteers to leave their seats and instead, not letting some passengers aboard. The report adds that “bumped” passengers weren’t provided with an outline of their legal rights nor were they compensated “in a timely manner.” The airline was also fined for not providing disabled passengers with proper wheelchair assistance when embarking or deplaning while also failing to respond to complaints lodged by those passengers. According to the report, American was fined $250,000 for not making timely refunds in 2016 following a DOT probe. American contends that the merger with US Airways was the reason why these refunds were delayed, as customer relations departments were combined. Delta was fined $200,000 for “inaccurate” baggage reports, according to the Sun-Sentinel article, which adds that a “problematic internal policy” regarding its reporting system was to blame.

It’s instances such as these, attorney Jeffrey Benjamin says it’s important for passengers to step forward and speak up. Airline passengers who think they’ve been wronged — or any consumer who feel that their rights have been violated — should contact a skilled attorney who works in this field. Mr. Benjamin says that no customer of any business should have to shell out more of their cash for a sub-par product or service. Case in point: an airline asking passengers to get off the plane or refusing entry to others who’ve likely paid hundreds of dollars for a seat about that aircraft. As a skilled trial lawyer, Jeffrey Benjamin can represents you various types of consumers in court on all aspects of consumer protection. Mr. Benjamin has also landmark substantial verdicts and settlements in numerous forms of commercial litigation.

The only way to find out if your experience can stand on its own in court is to contact a skilled attorney like Jeffrey Benjamin; he’ll take the time to give an honest appraisal of whether a consumer has a viable option to litigate.

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