Attorney Jeffrey Benjamin Approves Of Fine Against Suddenly-Shuttered Storage Facility Owner

lawyer jeffrey benjaminThe owner of a Syracuse-based storage facility is facing court-ordered reprimands and fines after he allegedly failed to inform the college students he was serving that he was going out of business. According to a Dec. 14, 2017 press release from the New York State Attorney General’s Office, the owner of Not My Parents Garage was offering storage and delivery services for college students who needed to put personal possessions away during semesters at school. However, authorities say that the owner failed to notify his customers that the  business was shutting down and panicked parents and students thus contacted the state attorney general’s office to learn what their options were. This is the epitome of a consumers’ rights case, according to New York City lawyer Jeffrey Benjamin, and it goes to show what can be accomplished when finding the right legal experts to settle a suspected wrong.


According to the state attorney general’s office, the owner of Not My Parents Garage was previously evicted from the storage facility he was operating out of. After relocating, authorities say he simply failed to tell those who had items in storage with him that the business was closing and they’d need to retrieve those stored belongings. Fortunately, the owner of the new facility allowed students, parents and staff of colleges that the victims belonged to to come are get what was missing. “However, some students incurred additional expenses retrieving their personal items. At least two students are missing some or all of the items they stored,” the New York State Attorney General’s Office said in a press release. As consumers’ rights lawyer Jeffrey Benjamin sees it, the fact that the owner of Not My Parents Garage must pay more than $3,400 in restitution plus a $15,000 bond should he enter the business sector again is a fair outcome.


Mr. Benjamin, as a tested trial lawyer, knows the New York Deceptive Practices Act and has previously obtained landmark verdicts out of closely-followed consumers’ rights cases. At Mr. Benjamin’s law firm, where he and fellow attorneys work hard to get clients results, the motto is “Don’t be a victim. Fight fraud and pursue your legal rights.” As it pertains to the case above, those who trusted Not My Parents Garage were well within their rights to contact authorities and have them find out what exactly happened to the business and its owner. Those who believe they may have similarly been deceived should not hesitate to find a skilled attorney who’ll investigate on their behalf.

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